About Project Move

The Four Pillars of Project Move

Movement Appraisal

Objectively screen movement habits

Movement Matters

Movement based training that transfers to playing field and everyday life

Movement Specialists

Medically supervised training

Movement Education & Motivation

ProjectLEARN workshops

What is ProjectMove all About?

Were about safety

you can be sure that you are in great hands

Before you begin your journey with us, you’ll go through a comprehensive strategy session and baseline evaluation that lets our coaches know your goals and expectations from training, as well any limitations in your movement patterns that might lead to pain or injury if missed. With this information, you’ll be put into the style and level of training that will help you get results…SAFELY! All of our coaches have direct access to onsite doctors and physical therapy specialists, so regardless of your age, fitness level or medical history, you can be sure that you are in great hands.

We’re about variety in programming

Variety is the spice of life, and it’s the key to getting great results

No one does fitness programming like ProjectMOVE. Literally…no one. It’s not that there’s no other good programming, it’s just that nobody does it like we do. Take the 60+ years of experience treating and training athletes amassed by our sports-certified doctor-owners, add it to the 12 years of programming for college and professional athletes in the speed and strength arena and the fitness specialization concepts from a Navy special operative (our other two owners) and you have a ONE OF A KIND fitness system designed to get results for the HUMAN BEING! With all of this knowledge and experience, the number of ways to use the body as the primary piece of training equipment (not a bunch if treadmills and machines), combined with robes, bars, sandbags, kettle bells and EVEN PVC pipe is almost limitless!

We’re about improvement in all ways

physically, mentally, and emotionally

By challenging your physical and mental boundaries you become stronger, fitter and more vibrant. Let’s face it, life can be hard. It takes strength to deal with many of the challenges that come your way. By pushing through the barriers of body and mind, you’ll gain more than lean muscle…you’ll grow GRIT! Grit is the substance that makes you hearty, that allows you to persevere in the midst of challenge for as long as it takes. Grit allows you to get the most out of your life and to make a positive difference in the lives of others. One word that describes every single ProjectMOVE member is GRITTY. Are you ready to get GRITTY?

We’re about community

we have FUN together

At ProjectMOVE, we understand that being part of something bigger than oneself is essential in truly getting the most from the human experience. Our members not only train together, we have FUN together! Whether it’s getting outside for a hike, a BBQ, or hitting the slopes we know that doing stuff together is AWESOME. Bonds are forged through adversity. Working out is one form of adversity…sometimes small, sometimes LARGE! When we toil together, we grow together. Our youth teams train together and they get closer. They perform better on the field of competition because they’ve paid the price for greatness as a group before they ever faced a single opponent.

We’re about group training

Nothing great is ever accomplished alone

By training in a group setting you have a unique advantage in hitting your goals compared to those who train alone. You have the support, encouragement and cooperation of every person you are training with as you pursue your goals. Knowing that throughout each and every workout, “we are in this together” you’ll find a way to reach a little further, to do a little more while taking comfort in the fact that you will ALWAYS be under the watchful eye of one of our highly qualified professional coaches and trainers.


Our adults work with certified coaches who know the goals, strengths and limitations of each individual in their class. With everyone in the group having the ability to perform all of the movements at a level that will challenge them while allowing them to remain safe, we provide a training experience that is unique. That means that a new member can train alongside and learn from more experienced members. This mix of fitness levels and training experience provides motivation and an “I can do this too” attitude for the newer folks while allowing those who have been with us for awhile to act as mentors and to show the amazing things that are possible with some dedication, experience and patience.


Our youth and team programs take the same concepts taught to college and professional athletes and scale them down so that kids as young as middle school can make MASSIVE changes in a matter of weeks. The reason that’s possible is a combination of the WHAT and the WHO of the ProjectMOVE training system. The WHAT is a proprietary system of training that focuses first on being a GREAT mover. With that foundation, repetitions of correct athletic movement patterns are followed up with loaded movements that lead to measurable improvements in multiple variable of speed, strength, explosion and athleticism. While our system is critical to success, what separates us from the rest of the field is the WHO of ProjectMOVE. Our team coaches are COMMITTED to youth development. They know that part of being great is being a great teammate, a great leader and a great person. Those facets of greatness are instilled in each and every workout so that young athletes not only build speed, strength and athleticism, they also build character.

We’re about philanthropy

We make a positive difference in the world around us

As the only saying goes, nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. At ProjectMOVE, one of the things that is most important to us is to use the strength of body, mind and spirit we develop as a community to make a positive difference in the world around us. In other words, we care and we want to be a positive influence to whatever degree we can in as many ways as we can. We continually reach out to support causes and people who need help. Friends our our friends are friends of ours. Strangers who need friends are friends of ours. Causes that align with our key values and need support have a friend in us. As a company, our intention is to increase our donation of time, energy and resources to philanthropic endeavors each and every year.

We’re about giving individual attention

As much as our members want or need

For many people, the chance to work in small groups or individually with world class coaches and trainers is just the edge that is needed to take performance to the next level. At ProjectMOVE, we offer that opportunity. Some of our adult membership wants to spend extra time and give extra attention to certain skills or movements in order to perfect them. Others choose to be under the watchful eye of a specialist so that they can make faster progress towards their specific fitness goals. Either way, appointments for small group or individual training are available with the click of a mouse just by letting one of us know that you want to take your training to another level.


As a youth athlete is developing, creating proper training skills and habits might very well make the difference in becoming a starter, making the varsity, achieving a level of All-Conference or All-State, and even getting a scholarship. Those skills and habits are not known by all kids, or even all coaches. Our Youth Performance Team knows knows what is required to be both a great athlete and a great teammate. Our small group and individual Youth Performance programming is specifically designed to make kids more athletic, more explosive, and more well rounded. The difference between this program and our team training is the specificity that is brought into the training of each athlete. in small group and individual training sessions, each athlete’s best skills are developed and his or her movement deficiencies are addressed so that the risk of injury decreases while the potential for performance increases. In other words, it’s designed to make ALL athletes good athletes and good athletes GREAT!

We’re about RESULTS!

At the end of the day, all people want results in their lives

Results come in so many different forms. For some it’s getting leaner, stronger and more fit. For others it’s having the energy to complete all of life’s daily tasks with energy to spare. Some want to be great at a sport and others want to be great examples for their kids. Regardless of the specific reasons people begin their journey with us, we support them, and we’ll support you too! The ways we offer support are many, from uniquely varied training programs to outside activities we’ll support you. From having health care professionals onsite to offering monthly education on all topics health and vitality related, we’ll support you. From group classes to one-on-one training, we’ll support you. From taking adventures with you to sharing in causes that are the most important to you, we’ll support you. Results come from knowing your goals, knowing what to measure to achieve those goals, and then supporting you throughout the entire process. At ProjectMOVE, the most important project is YOU and it’s what we live for!

Our Process?

Adult/Individual Members

Let's Meet

In what we call your Strategy Session, we’ll learn more about your specific fitness goals and needs, and you’ll receive a comprehensive movement assessment that tells us the best next step for you.

Choose the Path

Once we have all your baseline information, we’ll be able to make recommendations for the most effective and safe way for you to begin your training.

Track Your Progress

The only way to know how well you are doing is to keep score! Our initial testing is repeated after ___ weeks to evaluate your progress, and to let our coaches know how to tailor the next phase of your training.

Achieve Your Best Self

As you get more and more fit, you’ll have plenty of energy to do the things you love most in life. One of our biggest goals as a community is to use our strength of body and mind to help others. We express our best selves by doing periodic outreach events that benefit those in need. A fit mind, body and spirit results in the pinnacle of human expression.

Youth/Team Sports Training

Let's Meet

Our performance experts will meet with you, your coach and/or your team to learn what overall goals the team or individual has, and what the biggest areas of need are with respect to peak “Game day” performance.

Choose the Path

Whether it’s training together as a team, in small groups with other athletes, or in an individual setting, our Athletic Movement Assessment testing protocol will help us see what direction will get the best results both safely and quickly.

Track Your Progress

Just like team and individual performance can be evaluated by looking at statistics, so can athleticism, power and movement. Every team and athlete is evaluated for all three of these elements at specific intervals to know how to progress the training program, whether in-season or off-season.

Achieve Your Best Self

At ProjectMOVE, we create more than better athletes. We create better people. Built into each session are elements that teach persistence, leadership, mental toughness, and being a coach-able athlete. While all of these are required for greatness on Game Day, maybe none of them is as important as learning to compete in the spirit of sportsmanship. Our people and our programs are uniquely designed to bring out the best athlete…AND the best person.

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