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Advancements in Exercise Selection: Corrective Exercise Lab

August 26 - August 27


In this course, we will cover more than 100 self-administered techniques designed to address the most common movement impairments.


Day 1: Mobility

  • Assessment
  • Analysis of Dysfunction
  • Introduction of Brookbush Institute Templates
  • Static and Dynamic Release
  • Joint Mobilizations
  • Static and Active Stretching
  • Case Study

Day 2: Activation and Integration

  • Isolated and Reactive Activation
  • Core Integration
  • Stability Integration
  • Subsystem Integration
  • Activation Circuits
  • Case Study

This course is recommended for any human movement professional looking to improve their skills and knowledge of corrective/therapeutic exercise. This may be the most important workshop you take as a professional; regardless of whether your treat/train in a fitness setting, rehab setting or performance based setting. There is no greater performance inhibitor than pain and dysfunction, and no larger obstacle than overcoming the aches, pains and malalignments every individual experiences as they progress toward their activity goals. Case studies will be designed that highlight the use of these exercises as a recovery aid, therapeutic intervention, or an integrated warm-up for performance based training. This is a very interactive lecture, and plenty of time will be given to compare techniques, discuss common practices, answer questions and refine execution.  This lecture is approved for 16 contact hours with NASM, ACSM, NATA-BOC.

“It’s not enough to increase the quantity of movement… if we can also enhance the quality of movement.” – Dr. B2

Posterior Tibialis Activation Progression 4

Cost: $399

Refund Policy:
If you have paid for a course and circumstances arise that prohibit you from attending the course, you may use the money for a future workshop with the Brookbush Institute.  If you have paid for a course and circumstances arise that prohibit you from taking this course or any future course we urge you to contact us at support@brentbrookbush.com.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the course, the participant will:

  • Use the Overhead Squat Assessment to identify 8 common signs of movement impairment.
  • Analyze “signs”, creating lists of potential mal-adaptive changes in muscle, fascia and joint structures.
  • Make exercise recommendations based on analysis of the signs and mal-adaptive changes in myofascial structures.
  • Construct a corrective intervention to improve the quality of human movement, based on a patient/client scenario.


4925 S. Santa Fe Drive, Suite 100
Littleton, CO 80120 United States
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