Fitness Field Trips

A unique, fun experience for today’s youth

Our mission is to provide our community with structured, safe, and effective options to get people MOVING. As you may be aware, today’s children are the first generation to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. The US population is 32% less active today than they were just generation ago.

In an effort to help reverse these statistics and educate our youth on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, we have designed a unique, fun experience for today’s youth that we call a “Fitness Field Trip.”

This unique program consists of a 1.5 Hour Movement Experience:

  • Warm Up/Education Block:
    • Short lecture and demonstration on the importance of movement

    4 Blocks (Building the Athlete – Theme):

    • Train like an Athlete – Lift Heavy Things (form and technique)
    • Eat like an Athlete – How to Fuel Your Body (nutrition)
    • Think like an Athlete – Mindfulness/Breathing/Yoga Techniques
    • Be the Athlete – Agility/Sport Specific Drills

    Cool Down/Education Block:

    • Cool down and education closing (take home message)

The investment is $8 per child, with scholarships available for those unable to afford tuition. In addition, all parents and teachers are welcome and encouraged!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at I hope this is a program that serves your community and accomplishes a goal of ours to give the gift of Movement.

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