The Kettlebell Project

Kettlebells have been proven to safely maximize strength, improve heart rate recovery, increase flexibility and rapidly reduce body fat percentage.

The Kettlebell Project is designed from the principles of our StrongFirst Kettlebell instructor certification and proven to get results.

Don’t wait another day, week, month or year! Start your healthy lifestyle today!


large group

Large Group Training is ideal for those that are more experienced in their movement repertoire or looking for a boost in their training environment. In these sessions, we can focus our attention on how the group can motivate and challenge you to better achieve your goals.


small group

Small Group Training (2-5 participants) is ideal for those that are familiar with training but still looking for individualized programming. This type of class environment allows for a cost effective way of acquiring all the benefits of individual training.


Private training

Individual training is ideal for those that are new to training, looking for personalized professional programming or returning after an injury. In these sessions, we can focus our attention on your specific needs and advance you faster than in a group environment.